Ilyen jött a céges levlistára:

“Dear [Cégnév] Staff,

As most of our employees are now likely aware, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions is currently unfolding in Southern Asia and Africa. In an effort to assist the hundreds of thousands of survivors left homeless by the tsunami and now lacking access to food and water we are organizing a company-wide donation drive.

For those staff members interested in making a donation towards the tsunami response and rescue efforts please notify [Kollega] ([emailcím]) of the amount you wish to donate. Donations will be accepted in any amount and will be deducted from your next monthly salary. Additionally, every donation made by an [Cégnév] staff member will be matched by the company. If you donate $50 we will add an extra $50, making your total contribution to the relief effort $100.

The charity that we have chosen for this donation drive is the International Medical Corps (, a company which [cégnév] has worked with in the past and a perennial contributor to humanitarian relief efforts throughout the world. If there are any employees who wish their donation to be directed to another humanitarian aid organization please notify us so that your donation (along with the company’s matching donation) may be directed to the appropriate charity.

We wish you a safe and Happy New Year.


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