Heh, ezt találtam a régi emailjeim között. (Előzmény: a T-ShirtKing egy amerikai cég, ami termékfrissítés gyanánt megvásárolhatóvá tett amerikaiak számára kanadai “maple leaf” teeshirtöket. Tudjátok, azt a fajtát, amin a levél nagyobb, mint a fejed.)


I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that the rumours about an American internet t-shirt company selling Canadian disguises for Americans traveling overseas, were in fact true.

You do realize that you may be endangering the health of your fellow countrymen, who are found to be passing themselves off as a Canadian by one of us who lives outside of N.A. We need only to ask the suspected person to point out Canada on a world map to obtain positive proof of a poser.

I kindly request, on behalf of many other annoyed Canadians, to pull that low rent product off of your site.