iPhoneCam: kivételesen nem rant.

Persze technofoglyok, meg fehér lekerekített gumibot, stb., de ötletszinten az iPhoneCam egész ügyes kis cucc:

My proof-of-concept is an iPhone app which streams video over Wi-Fi to a video driver component on the Mac. This way, you can use the iPhone’s camera stream in any Mac video program like iChat, Photo Booth or Skype.


The Clever Bit:

The iPhone app and the Mac component find each other using Bonjour (zeroconf). There’s absolutely no configuration necessary. If there’s an iPhone-based camera available, the Mac finds it and uses it automatically. Glen had the idea to see if Bonjour could be used, and we noticed that IDMResearch had already provided a nice wrapper around CFNetService.

És persze természetesen tört iPhone kell hozzá, ami továbbra is lol.

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