Left brain left.

One thing I realised today morning (while doing some GCSF bone pain induced insomnia session) is how I’m overusing my left brain. This is the “logical” brain as we all know, and what I just found is even when I’m “resting” I’m using this part: playing some game on the phone that makes me think logically. As a result, my left brain is exhausted, and when I should I find it hard to think logically. Maybe a reason I have a better eye for photography lately (or more motivation if nothing else) is that that’s a creative process and that’s practically the only time I’m using my right brain.

So from now on, I’m picking up right brain activities, as a resolution, for rest.

Music has always been there of course (although… does drumming count here?), drawing hasn’t. And even though I can’t draw, I’ll try harder to doodle every once in a while, in a more controlled schedule. (Like, daily.) I’ll report on the results.

(Which brings me to the next dilemma: does blogging count as a creative or a logical process? After all, I’m putting my creativity in my sentences, but also my knowledge and way of thinking… Best guess it’s mixed left+right.)