Hans Reisert bűnösnek találták.

hans hansHans Reisert bűnösnek találták a felesége meggyilkolásának ügyében.

According to reports, the six-month trial culminated in a two and half day long deliberation. The prosecutors presented a “mountain” of circumstantial evidence, such as emails in which Reiser called his wife and her family “nazis”, the fact he ripped out the carpeting and passenger seat of his car, and withdrew thousands of Dollars. In addition, traces of Nina’s blood were found in Hans’ home, and Hans did not help in the search after her disappearance.

Hans Reiser appeared shocked as the verdict was read. DuBois, Reiser’s attorney, said: “We’re disappointed, but we’re not completely surprised.”


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  1. aztan ki tudja tenyleg o tette-e. elvileg talaltak nemi vert az asszontol hansi hazaban… vegulis miert ne lehetne szoftverfejleszto is gyilkos? vagy nem? o.j.-t meg elengedtek, basszus…

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