Where’s lipilee?

Dear Friends,

Some of you probably know by now (as I spilled info about it on my Twitter feed and whatnot), I have left Hungary, including my Hungarian job. Family will join me once I settled in.

Currently I’m in Amsterdam, getting settling in. (More on this later, as everything is still in progress. Also more, possibly in Hungarian, on why we are leaving. If that even needs an explanation.) My old Shell account (MOC number, email address, etc.) does not work any more, so don’t look for me there. All my other social stuff, of course, is: Gmail, Twitter, Google Hangouts, and Skype, are your friends if you want to reach me. My old phone number is with me, but not in use — I have yet to get a dutch phone number, so no sms and no calls for the moment. (Does anyone care, really?)

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, give me a shout and let’s meet up. I like meeting up. Meeting up is good.

So if you want to contact me:

  • lipilee at gmail or gergo.lippai at gmail is my email and hangouts
  • gergo.lippai is my skype
  • lipilee is my twitter
  • and lipilee is my facebook